Anticipating the future trend of female labour market participation and its impact on economic growth

Date: 2015-2016

Funded by: EUROFOUND

This project developes in-depth medium- and long-term projections of female participation and employment rates, together with an estimate of their impact on GDP growth, for a subset of countries: Italy, Spain, Ireland, Hungary and Greece. It analyses the role played by some key drivers – demography, education, participation behaviour – and policy actions, in shaping future female labour market participation in these countries. The evolution of participation and employment rates in the selected countries are investigated by means of a dynamic microsimulation model. Different life course events are simulated (e.g. educational choices, entry in the labour market, household formation and dissolution, fertility, evolution of work careers, retirement, death) with specific microsimulation sub-models having a focus on different dimensions (e.g. demography, work, family etc.) and different subgroups of the population.