This project for EUROFOUND developes in-depth medium- and long-term projections of female participation and employment rates, together with an estimate of their impact on GDP growth, for a subset of countries: Italy, Spain, Ireland, Hungary and Greece. It analyses the role played by some key drivers – demography, education, participation behaviour – and policy actions, in shaping future female labour market participation in these countries. The evolution of participation and employment rates in the selected countries are investigated by means of a dynamic microsimulation model.

Analisi del processo di invecchiamento nella provincia di Cuneo e proposte di interventi per aziende e partner sociali al fine di contrastare l'invecchiamento e la scarsa partecipazione degli anziani.

Committente: Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Cuneo

Durata: 12/2008-02/2010

Survey conducted by FIERI and LABOR which investigated the demand side of the remittance market in the city of Turin, collecting 480 in-depth interviews of migrants. The survey aimed at describing the economic and financial profile of migrants. Specifically, it investigated the interconnected dimensions of financial behaviors— patterns of consumption and savings, remittances and investments, and financial needs and aspirations. Strong emphasis is given to remittance services and access to different types of financial products and services.

The project is based on the wave 5 of EWCS (EUROFOUND) and will look at:

  1. the perceived relationship of work with health (direction and strength of the relation compared as relevant with epidemiological studies results) and social determinants (ISCO, gender, etc.) in a comparative perspective.
  2. specific hypotheses on organisational risk factors and outcomes such as violence, harassment, work related stress (determinants, groups most exposed) and will include an exploratory analysis on the cost of work related stress.

Entrare sul mercato del lavoro con un contratto a termine o a tempo indeterminato ha effetti sulla carriera futura? O vi e’ solo eterogeneità individuale non osservata?

WALQING aims to explore the linkages between ‘new jobs’, conditions of work and employment in these jobs and more or less favourable outcomes for employees’ quality of work and life. To achieve this, WALQING combines data analysis of the chief European data sources, in-depth comparative investigation of stakeholder policies, organisational arrangements and strategies, and the perspectives and agency of individuals in ‘new jobs’.

L’attenzione si concentra su quei lavoratori che iniziano la loro carriera con un contratto di lavoro regolare (con un “posto fisso”) allo scopo di rispondere alle seguenti domande: qual è la probabilità che un lavoratore regolare sperimenti periodi più o meno lunghi di disoccupazioni?